How It Works

First things First! It is very important for us to know your Company / Repair Center / Store Full Address so FEDEX can easily find your location for the Pick Up of broken LCD screens.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Fill out the Quote Form followed by your complete address details.
  • Select Payment Method (Your preferred way of getting paid).
    • If you are willing to go with Bank Transfer, please give full details of your: Bank name, Address, SWIFT Code, IBAN account number and ABA routing, so that you can receive cash without any delay.
    • In case of PayPal, we only need: Account Holder’s name and Email Address.
  • Please mention exact number of Broken LCD Screens you have with you of our Accepted Models.
  •  Press “Submit”.

As soon as you Submit, our customer service team will contact you regarding Pickup date and details of your Payment. Now, the next thing that you need to do is to:

  •  Create an Invoice to “BrokenLCDs” for Final payment.
  •  Once we receive your LCD screens, we will recount them and pay you same day as per the agreed payment method.

How to Pack LCD’s for Shipment?

  • Please recount all the LCD screens to ensure the exact quantity of every model.
  • Pack all the LCDs as demonstrated below, in order to avoid any further damage.

pack broken lcd step 1     pack broken lcd step 2 pack broken lcd step 3     pack broken lcd step 4