About Us

Mobile Repairing

We are the biggest Denmark based Recycling Company that is currently operating in Denmark and UAE. At BrokenLCDs, we specialize in recycling cellular phone LCD screens and their spare parts. We make sure that all these damaged, cracked, broken, BER & Scrap LCD screens as well as the spare parts of different phones are properly recycled as per the environmental standards. Our main aim is to provide an environment that is absolutely free from Soil pollution which mainly comes from Landfills.

Scheibye Trading

BrokenLcds.com is a subsidiary of Scheibye Trading, which is known to be the biggest Mobile Phone and Spare Parts Recycler. mobile recycling processScheibye Trading started its operation in 2002 in Denmark, and in a year it expanded its operation and opened its very first Facility in Dubai, UAE (2003).

We feel pride in being the only recycling company that processes around 300,000 cellular phones and up to 200 tons of cellular phone spare parts and scrap IT equipment annually. Items that cannot be reused or recycled are sent out for refining; hence none of them end up in landfills. So when you send out your scrap items to us, you will surely be doing a huge favor the environment.


We accept and recycle mobile phones and their broken and Damaged LCD Screens from Repair Centers, Retailers and Operators from all over the Globe! We ensure that each and every broken LCD screen that is received by us is treated as per the environmental standards, and this is all possible because of our modern facility, well trained and expert staff members.